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Where Does Your Poop Go?

by Tiffany Wright11/13/2017 3:00 PM
Updated: 12/28/2017

Person on toilet, cartoon graphicDo you know what happens to your poop after it disappears down the toilet? It gets turned into high-quality compost for use in flower, fruit and vegetable gardens.

Unfortunately, billions of people around the world don’t have such a sophisticated waste treatment and recycling system. In fact, sanitation systems are either non-existent or ineffective in certain parts of the world, leading to the transmission of deadly diseases.

Sanitation systems are essential to ensuring the health and livelihood of communities. World Toilet Day is a time to raise awareness of the importance of sanitation systems and encourage people to do something about the world’s sanitation crisis. For ways to get involved, visit


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  1. Updated: 12/28/2017


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