Let's Talk About Water Videos


Little Drop likes to talk about water. So, he made some videos with information that will help you find and fix a leak, read your meter, save water inside your home and more!

To view the videos, click on the links below.


Checking for Leaks - 2:21 minutes

Connecting with LVMWD - 2:08 minutes

e-Connecting with LVMWD - 4:03 minutes

Finding Your Water Meter - 2:10 minutes

How To Turn Your Water Off In An Emergency - 3:14 minutes

Proper Irrigation of Your Lawn - 2:17 minutes

Rebates from LVMWD - 2:46 minutes

Saving Water in the Bathroom - 2:51 minutes

Saving Water in the Kitchen - 3:10 minutes

Saving Water in the Laundry Area - 1:15 minutes

Smart Controller - 1:42 minutes


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