Brian and Alice G.

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Brian and Alice G.In effort to save water and have a more low-maintenance yard, Brian and Alice replaced over 500 square feet of their grassy, high-water-use yard with a drought-tolerant landscape.

Before making the switch, Brian and Alice did a lot of research and planning, including taking a garden class at Armstrong Garden Center. For their design, they chose to plant butterfly- and hummingbird-attracting, low-water-use plants, including milkweed, bougainvillea, crown of thorns, salvia and guara.

Brian and Alice are ecstatic about their new yard and enjoy seeing the monarch butterflies it attracts. They love that their water bill has decreased by over 50 percent, too!

Thanks, Brian and Alice, for reducing your outdoor water use and creating a vibrant yard for your neighbors—and those monarch butterflies—to enjoy.


Before photo of Brian and Alice G.'s yard



Before photo of Brian and Alice G.'s yard


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