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Imagine a Day Without Water

by Tiffany Wright10/06/2017 8:00 AM
Updated: 10/06/2017

Imagine a Day Without Water imageWhen you turn on the faucet, do you ever wonder where your water comes from? The drinking water LVMWD delivers to our customers starts as snowmelt in the Sierra Nevada mountains and travels through hundreds of miles of pipe to reach your tap. Many of those pipes have been in operation for decades and need constant upkeep to ensure that water flows from your faucet every time you turn it on.

But reliable water service doesn't depend solely on pipes. It takes people, treatment plants, pumps and other equipment working 24/7 to deliver clean, safe drinking water to your home and treat the wastewater that's reused in our community.

Most of our water infrastructure is invisible, so most people don't even think about it until something fails; and when it does, it can be catastrophic. For those who fight our fires, prepare our food, drink our water and everyone in between, LVMWD continues to invest in reliable infrastructure.

While no system is perfect, LVMWD works tirelessly so that our current and future customers never have to experience a day without water.

'Imagine a Day Without Water' is a national education campaign to engage public and key stakeholders about how water is essential, invaluable and needs investment. To learn more about the campaign, visit


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