Rancho Las Virgenes Community Compost

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%3ch1 style%3d%22text-align%3a center%3b%22%3eAttention - the Community Compost and Bulk Loading program%3cbr%3e
are suspended until 2020%2c and the Recycled Water Fill Station will be unavailable beginning October 26th%2c 2019%3c/h1%3e
%3cp%3e%3cstrong%3eTo receive updates on when the Community Compost and Bulk Loading programs will resume please %3ca href%3d%22https%3a//www.lvmwd.com/i-want-to/sign-up-for-enotifications%22 target%3d%22_blank%22%3esign up for e-notifications%3c/a%3e. %3c/strong%3e%3cstrong%3e%26nbsp%3b%3c/strong%3e%3c/p%3e
%3cp%3e%3cstrong%3eRancho Las Virgenes %28RLV%29 Community Compost%3c/strong%3e has earned the coveted %22Class A%2c Exceptional Quality” rating from the %3ca href%3d%22http%3a//www3.epa.gov/%22 target%3d%22_blank%22%3eU.S. Environmental Protection Agency %28EPA%29%3c/a%3e. This rating means that RLV Community Compost%26nbsp%3bhas %22unrestricted use%22 for%26nbsp%3bflower%2c lawn or vegetable gardens.%26nbsp%3bIts excellent organic soil conditioning properties aid water retention in light soils and it helps to break up and aerate heavier soils%2c so less watering is needed. %3c/p%3e
%3cp%3e%3cstrong%3eRLV Community Compost %3c/strong%3econtains both readily available and long-term%2c slow release nutrients for greener plants. A blend of processed biosolids and wood chips%2c RLV Community Compost is comparable to garden amendments sold at some local stores and it’s the choice of many experienced gardeners and professional landscapers.%3c/p%3e
%3cp%3eThis excellent soil amendment is available %3cstrong%3eFREE OF CHARGE%26nbsp%3b%3c/strong%3eto you%2c whether you are a resident of LVMWD or %3ca href%3d%22http%3a//www.triunfosanitation.com/%22 target%3d%22_blank%22%3e%3c/a%3e%3ca href%3d%22http%3a//www.triunfowsd.com/%22 target%3d%22_blank%22%3eTriunfo Water %26amp%3b Sanitation District%3c/a%3e. The only condition is that you self-load the material. %3c/p%3e
%3cli%3e%3cstrong%3eWhen%3a %3c/strong%3eEvery Saturday%2c from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. %28except holidays%29%26nbsp%3b
%3cli%3e%3cstrong%3eWhere%3a %3c/strong%3e3700 Las Virgenes Rd at the intersection of Las Virgenes Rd and Lost Hills Rd in Calabasas%26nbsp%3b%3c/li%3e
%3cli%3e%3cstrong%3eHow%3a%3c/strong%3e Bring your own sealable container%28s%29 such as a plastic storage bin with a lid%2c sturdy plastic bags%3b or if you’re loading a pickup truck or trailer%2c you must have a cover to secure the load in place. Each individual is responsible for filling their own containers. %3c/li%3e
%3cp style%3d%22text-align%3a center%3b%22%3e%26nbsp%3b%3cstrong%3e%3c/strong%3e%3c/p%3e
%3cp style%3d%22text-align%3a center%3b%22%3e%3cstrong%3eThe Rancho Las Virgenes Composting Facility is a service of the%26nbsp%3b%3cbr%3e
Las Virgenes – Triunfo Joint Powers Authority.%3c/strong%3e%3c/p%3e
%3ctable align%3d%22center%22%3e
%3ctd%3e%26nbsp%3b%3cimg style%3d%22margin-right%3a 50px%3b margin-left%3a 50px%3b%22 alt%3d%22Las Virgenes MWD%22 src%3d%22https%3a//www.lvmwd.com/home/showimage%3fid%3d403%22%3e%3c/td%3e
%3ctd%3e%3ca href%3d%22http%3a//www.triunfosanitation.com/%22 target%3d%22_blank%22%3e%3cimg style%3d%22margin-right%3a 50px%3b margin-left%3a 50px%3b%22 alt%3d%22Triunfo Sanitation District o%22 src%3d%22https%3a//www.lvmwd.com/home/showimage%3fid%3d39%22%3e%3c/a%3e%26nbsp%3b%3c/td%3e
%3cp style%3d%22text-align%3a left%3b%22%3e%3cstrong%3e%26nbsp%3b%3c/strong%3e%3c/p%3e
%3cp style%3d%22text-align%3a left%3b%22%3e%3cstrong%3eRelated Links%3a%3c/strong%3e%3c/p%3e
%3cli style%3d%22text-align%3a left%3b%22%3e%3ca href%3d%22%3fnavid%3d1972%22%3eFree Recycled Water Fill Station%3c/a%3e%3c/li%3e
%3cli style%3d%22text-align%3a left%3b%22%3e%3ca href%3d%22https%3a//www.lvmwd.com/home/showdocument%3fid%3d826%22 target%3d%22_blank%22%3eHow Do You Know It’s Good Compost%3f %3c/a%3e %28PDF%29%3c/li%3e
%3cli%3e%3ca href%3d%22https%3a//www.lvmwd.com/home/showdocument%3fid%3d828%22 target%3d%22_blank%22%3eRLV Community Compost Brochure%3c/a%3e %28PDF%29%3c/li%3e
%3cli%3e%3ca href%3d%22http%3a//www.lvmwd.com/home/showdocument%3fid%3d1331%22 target%3d%22_blank%22%3eLVMWD Community Compost Technical Information%26nbsp%3b%3c/a%3e%28PDF%29%3c/li%3e
%3cli%3e%3ca href%3d%22https%3a//www.lvmwd.com/home/showdocument%3fid%3d816%22 target%3d%22_blank%22%3eThe Story Behind the Flush %26amp%3b As it Cooks%3c/a%3e %28PDF%29%3c/li%3e

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