Help a Neighbor Conserve Water

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neighbor-to-neighbor-door-tag Everyone has a role in using water wisely.

If you notice excess runoff from a neighbor’s property, a broken sprinkler head, a leak or a property being irrigated during prohibited times, just hang one of our “friendly reminder” Neighbor-to-Neighbor door tags on their door, and check the box with the problem you observed.

Using these door tags will not only help avoid a potentially uncomfortable talk with your neighbor, but you may actually help that person save water and avoid a costly fine!

Free Neighbor-to-Neighbor door tags are available at LVMWD headquarters, 4232 Las Virgenes Rd, Calabasas, during normal business hours.

If your neighbor doesn’t fix the problem in a timely manner or you observe other kinds of wasted water, like a leaky fire hydrant, give us a call anytime at (818) 251-2180. You can also e-mail with the location and time you saw the problem. If you have a smart phone, please take a photo and include it in your e-mail. We will contact the responsible party and work with them to correct the problem. Any information you provide to LVMWD will be kept confidential.

wastingwater5Every drop of water saved helps LVMWD reach our region’s conservation goal and keep rates as low as possible for you and the rest of our valued customers.

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