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2011 Water Awareness Student Art Contest

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Liane Lee

Liane Lee, 3rd Grade
Mrs. Fedor, Teacher 
Bay Laurel Elementary School

Riley Jackson

Riley Jackson, Kindergarten
Ms. Hyman, Teacher
Round Meadow Elementary School

Anna Keough

Anna Keough, 1st Grade
Mrs. Juarez, Teacher 
Round Meadow Elementary School

Anais Larson

Anais Larson, 5th Grade
Ms. Pope, Teacher 
Willow Elementary School

Hunter Pearson

Hunter Pearson, 5th Grade
Mrs. Lorch, Teacher 
Sumac Elementary School


Sarah Liang

Sarah Liang, 5th Grade
Mrs. Sarno, Teacher 
Yerba Buena Elementary School

Khai Berry

Khai Berry, 5th Grade
Mrs. Hunt, Teacher
Lupin Hill Elementary School

Avan Franklin
Avan Franklin, 4th Grade
Ms. Brkic, Teacher 
Bay Laurel Elementary School
Bernice Nguyen
Bernice Nguyen, 1st Grade
Ms. Hudson, Teacher 
St. Jude's, the Apostle 
Ella Stonich
Ella Stonich, 3rd Grade
Mrs. Millick & Mrs. Saylors, Teachers 
Round Meadow Elementary School
Emma Brauer

Emma Bruer, 4th Grade
Mrs. Smith, Teacher 
Bay Laurel Elementary School

Anastasia Escalante
Anastasia Escalante, 5th Grade
Mrs. Reynolds, Teacher 
Lupin Hill Elementary School