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The Current Flow Newsletter Issue 1, 2017

News for customers of
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

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What's In This Issue:

New No-Fee Payment Options Coming Soon

LVMWD’s transition to water budgets last year affected the billing system in several areas. E-billing went away for some customers, resulting in a return to paper billing. With programming changes nearly complete, the District offers expanded options for customers to pay their water bill through In addition, credit card payments will soon be accepted online, or at the Customer Service desk, at no additional cost.

Customers may also choose to pay bills through bank or credit unions that offer that convenience. Sample Bill


You Must Register

The billing improvements require everyone to re-register (or register for the first time) with a new user name (or log in) and password. The good news is, the same username and password will now apply to all billing and historical use applications.

For those who choose to pay by mailing a check, future payments must be sent to a new location; customers should not send payments to LVMWD’s headquarters office as they have in the past. New payment envelopes will accompany paper bills; the old payment envelopes should be recycled. However, in-person and drop box payments will still be accepted at the District’s headquarters.

Tracking Your Water Use

In the future, the District’s new billing structure will also offer customers access to their online billing history, usage and compare their water use to their neighbors.

Billing statements, both paper and electronic, will also provide customers with information on their consumption in relation to their water budget along with timely information that can help save water and money.

Staying Current

The Current Flow newsletter will continue to be mailed to customers receiving paper bills. E-billing customers can choose to download an electronic version of the newsletter, or you may receive it by e-mail at the website by signing up under e-Notifications.



 What's In This Issue

Water Supply Update

Winter Season Off to a Good Start

As this edition of The Current Flow goes off to press, rain and snow in the northern and southern Sierras are off to a promising start. Critical reservoirs are refilling, but final results of this year’s wet season will not be known until April.Winter Snow Pack

Winter Water Budgets

Plants need very little water at this time of year, so you’ll notice your water outdoor budget is lower than it is in the spring and summer months. Use this opportunity to save water and save money by irrigating less. And remember, no watering should occur when rain is expected or in the 48 hours following a rain event.

 What's In This Issue

It’s a Great Time to Re-Landscape

If you’ve been considering a more water-wise landscape, NOW is the time start.

By planting in late winter – early spring, your new water-efficient Native Plant Guideplants will have time to get established before the heat of summer sets in. Most drought-tolerant plants need water in their early stages to build root systems that draw nutrients and moisture from their surrounding soils. By planting them now, you can also take advantage of any lingering winter rains and help your plants get off to a healthy start.

Wondering what to plant? Download LVMWD’s free native plant guide, or pick up a free printed copy at our headquarters in Calabasas during regular business hours. This colorful catalog has tons of ideas and features plant varieties that will complement your home while saving water – and money. Best of all, many home improvement centers, nurseries and garden stores are stocking up on California- Friendly selections. By getting them off to a good start, your new water-wise gardens will make you happy you reduced or eliminated your water-thirsty turf grass areas.

What's In This Issue

Thank YouThank You

In 2016, LVMWD customers used 19% less water as compared to 2013. Your water-efficiency efforts have helped save water, helped the District comply with California’s drought management efforts and saved money by helping LVMWD avoid "peaking" charges that might apply for importing water during the hottest months of the year.

December 2016 usage was 28.8% less than December 2013

 What's In This Issue

Need a Speaker?Need a Speaker?

LVMWD can provide interesting presentations for your service club, HOA, fraternal group or neighborhood association. There’s no charge for this service. For details or to make a reservation, call (818) 251-2124 during regular business hours or e-mail

Need a Speaker?

What's In This Issue

Bay Laurel Daisy Troop Learns Conservation

Kindergarten and first grade students from Daisy Troop #3606 at Bay Laurel School learned how to save water at home and how to be on the lookout for leaks that waste water. Pictured with LVMWD staffer Jan Dougall, the young ladies were a very attentive audience!

 What's In This Issue

2017 Facility Tours - Sign Up Now

You’re invited to join one of our 2017 Facility Tours! Join us on one of our 2017 facility tours! You’ll get to see how drinking water reaches your home and how wastewater is recycled and returned safely back to the environment.

Reserve your spot by registering online. LVMWD’s facility tours give you a behind-the-scenes look at the complex drinking water and wastewater infrastructure serving your community. These tours are accompanied by a short briefing on water issues; and a complimentary light breakfast and lunch are provided.

Potable water system tours are scheduled for May 6 and November 18; the wastewater tour is August 5. Each tour is held on a Saturday from 8:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.

 Quarterly Potable Water Tour



On the potable water tour, participants listen while Steve Jackson, senior water plant operator, explains about dam safety and Las Virgenes Reservoir.


 Quarterly Wastewater Watershed Tour

 While on the wastewater / watershed tour, participants learn about creek restoration.  

 What's In This Issue

At Your Service
     Bringing you the best!

At Your Service


Water and wastewater workers must keep their state certifications current through continuing education.







 What's In This Issue

The Missing PieceThe Missing Piece

Your home’s monthly outdoor water budget:

a. Never changes
b. Is lower in the summer and higher in the winter
c. Is lower in the winter and higher in the summer

Send your response to:

The Missing Piece, LVMWD, 4232 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, CA 91302, or send to with "Missing Piece" in the subject line. Please include your mailing address in case you are a winner! Prizes awarded monthly to ten winners randomly selected from the correct responses. Watch for the answer in the next issue of The Current Flow.

 What's In This Issue

Previous issue’s Missing Piece answer:

The proposal to move a reliable water supply through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta is known as: ?

a. The Big Dig
b. The Death Valley Peripheral Canal
c. The Bay Delta Diversion
d. The California WaterFix - read more

Answer: d

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