The Journey Your Water Takes

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Little Drop

Hi, my name is Little Drop! 

Have you ever thought about how drinking water gets to your tap?  Join me on an adventure to see the 440-mile-long journey your drinking water takes to get to your home. 

Begin by clicking on circle #1 on the map below. If this is a return trip, just click where you left off.

High Sierra Mountains Feather River Lake Oroville Feather River Fish Hatchery Sacramento Bay - San Joaquin Delta Skinner Fish Facility Harvey O. Banks Pumping Plant California Aqueduct Edmonston Pumping Plant West Branch / Oso Pumping Plant Pyramind Lake Castaic Power Plant, Castaic Lake / Dam MWD's Jensen Water Treatment Plant LVMWD's Pumping Station #2 Your Home or LVMWD's Las Virgenes Reservoir LVMWD's Westlake Filtration Plant Transmission and distribution Image Map