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Water Awareness Student Art Contest

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For Students in Grades K - 12

LVMWD is excited to announce the theme for this years Student Art Contest is...

Water is Life: Explore the Power of Water!


Submissions are due by Friday April 5th by 4:30PM.

Students who received their art paper from their teacher should return their art to the teacher unless they were given other instructions.

The theme of the 2019 Water Awareness Student Art Contest “Water is Life: Explore the Power of Water,” relates to the stewardship and conservation of water and the power it has in shaping our communities and lives. This means wise and efficient water use inside and outside of the home, at school, in the community, in business and industry, in agriculture, and in recreation.

Climate change is already stressing Southern California’s water supplies. Every watershed the Southland depends on, from the Colorado River to the Sierra Nevada to our own groundwater basins, is becoming less reliable. The future requires that we all use water wisely. This theme of conservation and stewardship should be reflected in the art work.

Art Work Selection Criteria:

Each of these selection criteria must be followed in order for the artwork to qualify for judging. All art media is eligible (print, digital, sculpture, etc.) but submissions must adhere to the following criteria.

1. Artwork must be 12” X 18” or 8.5” X 11” in size (under/oversized artwork WILL NOT be eligible) and drawn on white poster board or white drawing paper (no lines).  LVMWD has provided 12x18” paper for each student in your class. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST HAVE THE PARTICIPANTS INFORMATION FULLY COMPLETED ON THE BACK OF EACH SUBISSION TO BE CONSIDERED:  STUDENT NAME, GRADE, SCHOOL, SCHOOL OR PARENT CONTACT INFORMATION, TEACHER OR PARENT NAME.

2. Artwork drawn on 12” X 18” paper must have AT LEAST a one-inch white or blank border on all four sides. This is a graphics and framing requirement.

3. Artwork must be drawn horizontally (e.g., oriented 16” horizontally and 10” vertical).

4. Artwork must depict various water uses and/or wise water use

a. inside or outside of the home or school;

b. in industries or businesses;

c. in the environment (nature);

d. in agriculture; or

e. in recreation

5. Water is Life” is the overall theme. A “short” water message must be written on the artwork (but, not necessarily the words water is life). The less text, the better.

6. Posters with misspelled words will not be selected.

7. Bold, bright, brilliant colors show up the best. Students may use the following art media: crayons, markers, pencils, paints, and watercolors, chalks, cut paper or fabric.

8. Artwork must be original (no traced, trademarked, or copyrighted characters, slogans, i.e. Snoopy, Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, etc.) No repeat artwork from past years.

9. LVMWD reserves the right to question or disqualify any artwork that is clearly not the work of the student based on their age and grade level.

From those submissions the top 12 will be announced and then honored at a Board Meeting in May.  The top 5 will be submitted for inclusion in the Metropolitan Water District Water is Life calendar.

Every year we are always so impressed and inspired by the ways the students articulate different ways to save, protect and appreciate our most precious resource.  We thank all who participate and all the teachers and faculty who help make this program possible.

Again, if you have any questions please contact Riki Clark at or (818) 251-2129.

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