In observance of Independence Day District facilities will be closed 6-3-2020.  Services will resume on July 6, 2020 at 8:00 AM. 

How to Read Your Bill

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How to read your water bill image
 How to read your bill #1 Account Information: Provides customer number, account number, service location, bill number, and account classification.
 How to read your bill #2 Mailing Information: Provides mailing information.  This can be different from the service location.
 How to read your bill #3 Billing Summary: Notes current bill date, previous balance, last payment received and any balance forwarded.
 How to read your bill #4 Meter Information: Notes meter size and meter number. Displays reading date period and number of days in the reading cycle.  This section also provides previous and current meter read along with the units of water used in the current reading period.
 How to read your bill #5 Charges:This section breaks down billing charges for efficient indoor units, outdoor water units, elevation charges (if applicable), readiness to serve charge, and monthly sanitation charge (if applicable).
 How to read your bill #6 Water Usage History: This section contains a 12-month graph displaying units of water used and the daily average.
 How to read your bill #7 Water Budget Information: The information in this section displays information for the monthly bill: the current billing period budget information and total water budget. The estimated water budget for the next billing cycle is located here.