Temporary Service

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Before installation of a temporary meter, customer must post a security deposit with the District and pay the associated installation/relocation fee.  Such deposit will be refunded, net of any costs incurred by the District relative to the temporary meter. Interest will be calculated from the date of the deposit if held on account for more than 30 days.

Deposit for a 1" temporary meter: $500.00
Deposit for a 2 1/2" temporary meter:  $1,500.00
Installation Fee:  $50.00
Relocation Fee:  $40.00


The temporary meter will be installed at the requested location during regular district business hours within 24 hours of application and will be locked on the hydrant. Relocation of the meter can be performed ONLY by the district.

Readiness to Serve Charge is a monthly flat fee, which recovers a portion of expenses incurred in maintaining the distribution system, providing fire protection and processing customer activity.  The readiness to serve charge is based on the size of the meter serving the property (Refer to the chart below.) 

Potable Temp Meter    Recycled Temp Meter
$71.81 1"  $61.04
$486.56 2 1/2 - 3"  $413.58
$873.65 4"  $742.61
$2,214.71 6"  $1,882.50
$3,873.74 8"  $3,292.68
$5,809.26 10"  $4,937.88 

effective January 1, 2019


Commodity Charge

(effective January 1, 2019) Rate
 Potable Water $7.71
 Recycled Water $5.06



Elevation Charge

(effective January 1, 2019) Charge
Potable Water
 Zone 1 $0.00
 Zone 2 $0.74
 Zone 3 $1.70
 Zone 4 $2.70
Recycled Water  
 Las Virgenes Valley $0.0
 East/West $0.54