Shutdown Advisory

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Protect Your Equipment


 Protect Your Equipment

An interruption to your water service due to scheduled maintenance or a broken water line MAY require you take some actions to prevent damage to equipment that depends upon the presence of water. If any of these items are part of your plumbing system, actions may include shutting OFF or resetting/restarting back ON upon resumption of water service.  Shutdown

Examples include:

•Instant hot water dispensers
•Hot water recirculation system
•Pressure-boosting pumps
•Fill mechanisms and pumps for pools, fountains and ponds
•Water heaters (gas, electric or tankless units)

Please review the owner's manuals for their safe operation or consult your plumber.

Helpful hint:

During a water outage, it is normal that air may enter your plumbing system. If that happens, you may experience popping sounds with air bubbles or inconsistent flow out of your faucet. To remedy this, turn on the cold and hot water faucets, one at a time, at the farthest and/or highest location from where water comes into your home or business. Let the water run until it flows full. Then do the same for the other faucets, working your way towards where the water comes in.

An ounce of prevention…

Systems that rely on pumps, such as hot water recirculators, can be fitted with a convenient wall switch, or ask a plumber to install a pressure-sensitive switch that will automatically deactivate the pump when pressure falls below the level necessary to properly operate the system. A small investment now can help avoid big expenses later.