Your Water

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The journey of the water that falls from your faucet at home when you turn it on is lengthy and begins far away in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Winter rain and snow annually fill our reservoirs, which store water. These reservoirs are connected to the State Water Project or California Aqueduct which transports water over 400 miles to us here in Southern California.

The concrete lined aqueduct delivers clean, healthy water to millions of people and supplies a significant amount of irrigation to the important agriculture industry in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. Without this system, Los Angeles and the State’s economy would not be what you see today.

LVMWD does not currently have any local water supply and completely relies on imported water from Northern California. Water conservation is critical to our service area to ensure long-term water reliability. 

 Westlake Reservoir - reflections on the water

Join “Little Drop” on a virtual trip that shows how water reaches our District.