8-Million Gallon Calabasas Tank Refurbishment

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In service for nearly 50 years, the 8-Million Gallon tank adjacent to the Ventura Freeway at the top of the grade in Calabasas is undergoing a refurbishment that includes new protective coatings inside and out.

This maintenance project  also includes a thorough inspection and equipment upgrades, which will significantly extend the life of the tank.



(Updated April 28, 2015) The 8-million gallon Calabasas Tank is back in service. Work continues at the site with “cleanup” items and paving remaining to be done.


(Updated March 31, 2015) The refurbished tank is undergoing final interior inspection.  Upon approval, the tank will undergo disinfection before being returned to service.

  (Updated January 5, 2015)

Work continues on the interior of the tank. The old lining material has been removed and a new epoxy lining is being applied.

Other work includes strengthening gussets and upgrading the instrumentation.  

   DSC00429 - Copy  

 (Updated November 18, 2014)

With the tank drained, workers have entered to inspect it and begin removing its old protective coating.

A new epoxy coating will protect the metal tank from corrosion.