LV Tap - Drink From the Sink

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Affordability, Sustainability and Convenience

LVMWD staff are proud to deliver the highest quality drinking water and wastewater services to our valued customers everyday. Check out our story and learn how we do it!








In April of 2019, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) conducted a survey to ascertain how many of our customers regularly drink tap water versus bottled water. Of nearly 16,000 customers invited to take the survey, we received over 2,000 responses. The results of the survey provided us with a tremendous amount of insight as to what our customers prefer, but also the underlying reasons why they drink tap water or bottled water. From the survey results, we have identified three primary areas to focus our branding and marketing efforts to help better educate customers on the benefits of drinking tap water. Not only is our tap water of a high quality that can be trusted for daily consumption; it is significantly lower in cost and is a better choice to protect the environment.

2019 LV Tap White Paper - Drink From the Sink

2018 Water Quality Report/Consumer Confidence Report (published 7/1/2019)