Taste and Odor

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Changes in the taste and odor of your water...

Normally, water served by LVMWD comes directly from the Metropolitan Water District connection in Calabasas.

However at certain times of the year, especially during the hot summer months, it is necessary to draw water from Las Virgenes Reservoir to meet customer demand. Before water from the reservoir is sent to your home, it is filtered and disinfected. When the reservoir is in use, some customers may notice a slight difference in the taste and odor of their tap water due to this change in the source water.

Other factors that influence the taste and odor of tap water may include temperature and normal, seasonal algal blooms in the reservoir. To control algal blooms, water treatment operators sometimes apply copper sulfate, a state and federally-approved control method. Customers are assured that taste and scent differences they may detect do not pose any health risks and the water remains safe to drink.

Sometimes changes in the taste of water can be negated by simply refrigerating drinking water for a few hours prior to consumption.